Wednesday, August 29, 2012

frequency festival

sunshine, hotdogs, beer, red skies, laughing with friends, the cure performing the best concert i've probably ever seen = an incredible day.

(we won't talk about lying on the freezing station floor in the middle of the night and getting home at 6.30am after catching the first train home to vienna!).


  1. This is really so amazing and looking so funny but after reading your blog I really want to participate in this Festival but how can I? Could you give some more tips because your blog is really mouth watering.

    1. its a really small festival compared to others i've been to but it was great fun and they always seem to have great bands in their line up. here is the link to the festival website...

  2. I really like your photography. Look like professional

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous! Thanks for this post.

  4. By looking at this pictures, I can surely tell taht you had an fantastic time in here and this festival sound like a great time to be in this place..